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Trimble's® Fit-for-Purpose (FFP) Land Administration solutions enable organizations to collect data more quickly, with a broader set of stakeholders, and in a more flexible way.

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Efficiently registering billions of undocumented land parcels worldwide requires new approaches. With a FFP-specific toolset, the process of capturing land rights and land parcels can be accelerated with:

  • Affordable, reliable, and upgradeable technologies
  • Flexible, inclusive, and participatory approaches

Trimble's FFP Toolkit

Trimble is known globally for our broad portfolio of survey and mapping technologies applicable to Cadastral Surveying and Land Administration applications. While the core elements of our specific FFP Toolkit are listed below, we will work with you to identify the appropriate technologies for your specific needs.


Trimble Penmap for Android

Trimble's Penmap field data collection software offers professional land administration data collection for everyone with:

Easy to use

  • Easy-to-use, interactive, and map-based user interface - enabling a broader set of the community to aid in data collection


  • Support of spatial and non-spatial features - effectively connecting people and property
  • LADM and STDM compliance - adhering to international FFP standards
  • Streamlined forms to collect tenure data e.g. person, parties, signatures, pictures etc.

Background data

  • Flexible boundary line mapping - enabling the collection of geometry data using base maps and aerial imagery

Collect & Edit functions

  • Snap function - enabling rapid data capture and avoidance of overlaps, redundant data, and gaps
  • Edit functions, customizable toolbar, and data model editor - offering maximum flexibility
  • Simple tools for data acquisition, such as a digitizing function, COGO functions, as well as precise GNSS measurements


  • Enablement of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) Android OS data collectors
  • Flexible, subscription-based pricing - enabling data collection initiatives to get up and running quickly and scale in a flexible way

Collect More Data with Penmap

Successful fit-for-purpose data collection efforts rely on the effective integration of software, hardware, and GNSS correction services.

Support, maintenance, and services are critical for an initiative's duration.

Data Collectors

Android-based data collectors enable you to equip more field crews with:

  • A comparably inexpensive solution
  • Availability in a variety of form factors, including ruggedized versions
  • Support for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) efforts which enable broader community participation

Discover The Trimble TDC600

Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst

Trimble Catalyst is a revolutionary GNSS concept delivering affordable and flexible GNSS positioning-as-a-service for Fit-for-Purpose tenure data collection. The concept contains the simple, lightweight Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver and an on-demand, accuracy-based corrections subscription.


  • Minimal upfront hardware cost with the DA2 receiver. Less of your money tied up in capital assets
  • GNSS corrections are bundled with the subscription


  • Zero-configuration access to Trimble corrections


  • Ready-to-use on-demand worldwide, in connected and unconnected areas
  • Scalable for individuals, small teams, and large crews
  • Bring your own device (BYOD) enabled
  • Modify as your needs change. Pay only for the accuracy you need, when you need it


  • Trimble DA2 delivers survey-quality RTK positioning: 60 cm, 30 cm, 10 cm, 1 cm. You choose the service level that matches the job, and Catalyst does the rest
  • Multi-band support for all global and regional GNSS systems
  • Excellent phase-center stability and robust multi-path rejection characteristics in difficult GNSS environments

Trimble Catalyst

Trimble has provided reliability, stability, and scalability for millions of users worldwide.

We stand ready to offer this piece of mind for your fit-for-purpose initiative as well.

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